all guests who have booked a stay in the near future: 

The state of Vermont* has ordered us to close the bed & breakfast until it is safe for us to re-open. 


Read Governor Scott's latest directive here 

To those who have reserved a room with us: If you've booked using an online company, please contact them directly concerning a full refund. It is our understanding that there will be across-the-board refunds, including for non-refundable rates, due to this crisis, but we are unable to help with refunds for reservations made online.  


If you've booked directly with us, we will be refunding your deposit as soon after your intended stay as possible. Please be patient. We are waiting for help from various sources to help us in this emergency.


Alternatively, you may choose to instead come and stay with us, once it is safe for you to do so, for the same number of nights originally booked, with your deposit covering your entire stay/no further payment due.

Please email us with any questions.  

Send us Your Photos! 

Well, folks, Vermont Governor Phil Scott has put out a Stay at Home order, so we're sheltering at The One Cat and keeping ourselves busy. While we're closed, we'd love to hear from the outside world, and it would be great to see some photographs - especially of your furry friends! and hear how you're spending your days while we ride out this catastrophe.

Send what you've got to and we'll edit as necessary/pop them up on this website.


We will, of course, respect your privacy and not reveal any personal details - unless you're happy to name your kitties, doggies, reptiles and emotional support peacocks.

We'll enter everyone who supplies photos/stories into a drawing for a 2 night stay, for any dates available, at The One Cat once we're open again.

Stay safe and well, and we hope we'll see you all very soon. 

Pat, Conrad & the kitties