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Breakfast at The One Cat

We serve a simple but hearty breakfast, using local, seasonally available ingredients whenever possible. 

Our most popular choice is the One Cat Scramble, with a choice of cheese & various veggies, but we can accommodate most dietary requests/requirements.


Conrad makes the bread (the current favorite is Maple Oat) & English Muffins, but we can supply gluten free options if you don't indulge.

On the weekends, we also offer French Toast with Challah from local favorite Amy's Bakery or we'll whip you up some pancakes or a waffle. 


For the brave and hungry, try the One Cat version of the traditional English Fry-Up.* At our house, we use a Southern England version: Eggs, toast, sausage, center cut bacon, baked beans, grilled tomatoes & mushrooms with lots of tea/coffee. 

*Please request this at time of booking.