How to find us: 

43 Clark Street

Brattleboro, VT 05301



Find us on Google Maps or email/call us with where you are coming from and we'll send you an online map/give you complete directions. If you have any problems finding us, call us on 802 579 1905.  


We're a 15 minute walk from the Greyhound stop and a 6 minute walk from the Amtrak station. Tell us if you're coming by public transport (or you're on a bike/on foot). We offer a 20% discount for those without a car.*

*Available only when booking directly with us.

You made it! Welcome!

When you make the turn onto Clark Street (NOT Clark Avenue) please drive slowly and carefully: This is an urban residential street with playing kids, distracted teens and the odd wandering cat. Also, when leaving The One Cat driveway, remember that Clark Street is one-way, so right turns only.


PARKING: We have limited on-site parking. Please pull in as close to the house as possible, well off the driveway. (If you have a large vehicle, please let us know ahead of time. We'll make space.)